The Purposeful Mayonnaise

September 10, 2021: Ugonma Chibuzo (visual art),  Erin Lorandos (poetry), Lauren Godfrey (painting)

Citizens of the World, 2020, mixed media on watercolor paper, 11 x 9.5 inches

Below: Beauty of the Peoples, 2020, mixed media on watercolor paper, 10 x 9.5 inches

Ugonma Chibuzo

Ugonma Chibuzo was born in Lagos, Nigeria. She graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, in 2017 with second-class upper honours in Fine and Applied Arts. Ugonma began practicing art professionally in 2019 and has grown in her art style and conceptual works. She is a member of the Female Artists Association of Nigeria, which supports and develops female artists and art while also lending their voice through art to gender-related issues. She resides in Lagos, Nigeria, where she has her studio and engages in her art practice.

My works are not limited to a specific genre of art. I do canvas and watercolour paintings, mixed media works, pencil drawings, pastel artworks. I desire to communicate concepts and make my feelings known to my audience.

Despite the variety in my kind of works, these different genres are
connected through my colour schemes and conceptualizations. Colour to me is a major form of expression and self-definition. 

Instagram: @meettheartist_nma_art

(for HWM)

hold your hands


in my hands,
edges rough
from your
days in the dirt

the skin papery
soft, rubbed
smooth by a spade’s handle
that’s just too old to


like the injustice of
a fragmented mind

shards that still cut
through my memories

of you, and I

will bleed -
feeding the soil

Erin Lorandos

Originally from Wisconsin, Erin Lorandos is a librarian and writer living in Phoenix. Some of her recent poetry can be found in Drifting Sands, The Avocet, the forthcoming 2021 Poetry Marathon Anthology, and in The Purposeful Mayonnaise.

Garden Party, acrylic on canvas, 75x95.5 cm

Garden of McQueen, acrylic on canvas, 60x80 cm

Lauren Godfrey

I'm an American fine art painter living in Hamburg, Germany. In my colorful and energetic works, I concentrate on depicting unique perspectives of figures, everyday objects, and landscapes. My oeuvre focuses on exploring these subjects visually and emotionally in order to establish a deeper connection and capture a dream-like reality.  

Website  Instagram  

With a pearl earring, acrylic on canvas, 90x120 cm

Claira,  oil on canvas, 121x112 cm

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