The Purposeful Mayonnaise

Love it or leave it.
 You'll probably love it.

The Purposeful Mayonnaise is a 2-in-1 literary & art journal-platform.

TPM aims to provide artists and writers with a home for their work, a space to connect, and opportunities to increase their visibility.
TPM is an independent publishing project that features the creative work of artists and writers internationally.

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The Purposeful Mayonnaise Journal comes out on the 15th of the even-numbered months (June, August, October, December, February, April). Submissions are open during odd-numbered months.

Weekly Features

We publish weekly features every Friday at The Bagel Hole.
Submissions are ongoing.   

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Our submissions & online publication are free and The Purposeful Mayonnaise is run by volunteers. If you enjoy our content and want to support our mission, please consider treating us to a cup of coffee.

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The Purposeful Mayonnaise is not a paying market but is aiming to become one eventually.

Copyright for all published content is held by the authors/artists.

TPM's founding team is based in Canada.

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