The Purposeful Mayonnaise

September 9, 2022: Alexey Adonin (painting), Tohm Bakelas (poetry)

Solace in Solitude (2018)

Alexey Adonin explores the point of convergence between abstraction and surrealism to create a channel of communication between his inner world and the viewers, not only to share his personal vision but also and especially to invite viewers to elaborate their personal interpretations and narratives, establishing deep involvement both in the emotional aspect and in the intellectual one.

Alexey is a TPM Journal contributor and the cover artist for Issue 2.1 

"My artwork explores the inner universe of humans, somewhere at the point of convergence between abstraction and surrealism. I strive to create a channel of communication between my inner world and the viewers to share my vision and invite viewers to elaborate on their personal interpretations and narratives. The thoughts that linger just out of reach or the feelings we do not always quite understand are inconspicuous elements of my art.

My medium is oil on canvas. I use different styles and genres, from contouring lines and color blocking to the layering technique, reminding the viewer of the classical school of painting and highlighting the importance of the act of looking."

Website:  IG: @otherworldlydream

Left: Psychedelic Forest (2020)

“burning red”

drunk on cider,
the soft sunset
reminds me of
sinking ships
and no survivors,
icebergs and droughts
and lost continents

there is no wind,
no birds, no crickets,
only quiet

and this quiet is so quiet,
that you’d think it exists
no where else,
but it does

and i trip on it,
like a hole in a sidewalk,
like an irregular heartbeat,

and i stumble
regaining composure,
amongst flickering fireflies
blinking secret messages
for the sad and lonely,

for the lost and lonely. 

Tohm Bakelas is a social worker in a psychiatric hospital. He was born in New Jersey, resides there, and will die there. He is the author of 18 chapbooks and several collections of poetry, including "The Ants Crawl In Circles" (Whiskey City Press, 2022). He runs Between Shadows Press.   

Website:  Instagram: @flexyourhead / @betweenshadowspress 

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