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Cyanotype Day 2022: Amy Jasek, Coco Rohart,  Erin Williams

This week's edition of The Bagel Hole celebrates World Cyanotype Day (WCD), which takes place on the last Saturday in September. In short, cyanotype is an alternative photographic process that produces prints using light and light-sensitive chemicals applied to various substrates (paper, canvas, wood, etc.). The WCD theme for this year is Enlighten.

Amy Jasek

Film photographer Amy Jasek is based in Texas, where she also makes cyanotypes and writes poetry.  She learned photography from her father and does her best to treat the cameras he's given her with respect.  When she isn't in the darkroom, you can find her being a mom or at the piano.

Website:   Instagram: @amyjasek  and  @sunprintart (cyanotypes)

Amy Jasek

Coco Rohart: Transform silence into language, 2022, 110 x 155 cm, cyanotype on linen

Born in 1994, Coco Rohart lives and works in her hometown, Marseille. Combining painting, political sciences, VR, installation and photography in her artistic practice, she questions the representation of women through references linked to classical painters, myths, but also social networks or science fiction. Her approach is guided by emotions. Her work has been awarded the Young Artist Prize of Festival Visa Off pour l'image and the Second Prize of Samsung Launching People contest.

"This cyanotype is the result of a performance act on the theme of resilience with 3 women and me. My goal was to print the visible and invisible scars of our bodies on my canvas as a place to heal. I asked these ladies to think about a time and location they were hurt in the past and to place themselves on the canvas accordingly, as it pleased them and made them feel good. I like that in the cyanotype process, I have limited control over the result compared to painting, my main medium. The bodies and the sun decide. This was a 9 min sun exposure in Avignon, South of France."

Instagram : @cocorohart   

Erin Williams: Glass Cross

I'm Erin Williams, a Black artist and creative. I specialize in drawing, abstract acrylics, and printmaking, and I am currently earning my MFA in Illustration and Visual Culture program at Washington University in St. Louis. My work has been featured in various newsletters and sites, and showcased in several galleries online and in person across the country including the U.S. Botanic Garden and the Birmingham Botanical Gardens. From 2018-2021, I produced my podcast "In Which I Talk To Artists," where I interviewed women artists about their work and inspiration.

Instagram: @erin_the_creator

Left: Uncertain Hope

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