The Purposeful Mayonnaise

May 14, 2021: Stefan Doru Moscu, Chloe Chlumecky, Madisun Ramirez

Stefan Doru Moscu

Abasia IV: Oil on canvas, 45x42 cm, 2018
Abasia I: Oil on canvas, 45x42 cm, 2018
Abasia II: Oil on canvas, 45x42 cm, 2018 

"Stefan Doru Moscu is a visual artist, born in 1982, living and working in Brasov, Romania. He received a B.A. in Art and Restoration from the State University of Sibiu, Romania and works with both painting and sculpture. 

Stefan’s surreal paintings explore society’s transformation from the past to the present. He culls inspiration from decaying objects, old photographs, pop culture, and art history to present a critical view of various social, political, and cultural issues. His works are characterized by a darker color palette and obscured figures, giving his compositions a more somber mood. Stefan had an artist’s residency at Glo’Art in Belgium in spring 2015 and 2017 and has exhibited his works in the US and across Europe in countries including the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Poland. Most recently, his works were a part of “The Other Art Fair” in London and “The Sea/Das Meer" international group exhibition at Group Global 3000’s Projectspace in Berlin."

Website:  Instagram: @stefandorumoscu

Chloe Chlumecky

Medicine Cabinet: Oil on canvas, 16 x 20 inches, 2021
Living Room: Oil on canvas, 32 x 46 inches, 2020
Shelfie #1: Oil on Masonite, 9 x 12 inches, 2021

Chloe Chlumecky is an artist living and working in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. She is currently studying at the University of Windsor where she is expected to graduate with her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the end of 2021.

"The intention of my work is to create paintings that will provide an interesting way of seeing supposedly mundane routines. Finding beauty in the ordinary. I often build my pieces by combining personal experiences of contentment with an underlying sense of tension.

During this recent period of isolation, I have been analyzing the relationship I have with my surrounding space. For the majority of 2020 and moving into 2021, the relationship I have to my home has drastically changed. We have all been forced to change the way we interact in our homes that now double as the office, the gym, the daycare, the school, and more. Through my recent paintings I have been exploring that relationship and attempting to define it."

Website: Instagram: @chlos.artportfolio

Madisun Ramirez

Thicc: Acrylic paint on canvas
Millennial Discharge: Acrylic paint on canvas 

"My name is Madisun Ramirez. I'm 21 and currently living in Los Angeles. I've wanted to be an artist since I was in preschool and later discovered my true calling, art therapy. All of my pieces have strong intent and are full of life, emotion, and healing."

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