The Purposeful Mayonnaise

March 25, 2022: John Armstrong (visual art), Ebru Winegard (photography)

John Armstrong (b. Red Bank, NJ) BFA from Purchase College. Currently living in Brooklyn, NY. After being arrested for making graffiti in 2016 I returned to making paintings in the studio. Wanting to bring all the joy that I had discovered on the streets back to the studio, I use elements of street art such as stencils and spray paint to explore classic formal elements of art. Using found imagery such as fragments of religious iconography and images from commerce, I create images of personal significance dealing with spirituality and consumer culture.

Website:    Instagram: @anandoham718

NOSTOS – Ebru Winegard- 2021 – Photograph –50*70 cm

Avoid the Sun!

Did I think, I was happy in the lying shadows?

Have I turned my back on the light or enlightened and left it behind?

Where are those who are waiting for me with excitement at the fireplace in the kindness of my grandmother.

All I left behind was the Sun.

Ebru Winegard

Born and raised in Istanbul, Ebru Winegard is a filmmaker, graphic designer, and visual artist. She has various experiences in film, design and used to work as a university researcher and teaching assistant. She earned her master's degree in digital and media art at Istanbul University. Ebru is now based in Toronto, and has been working as a freelance graphic designer. 

IG: @ebr.winegard

Right: THE FALL – Ebru Winegard – 2021- Photograph –40*40 cm

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