The Purposeful Mayonnaise

March 18, 2022: Film Photography Friday - Vhal Sodha

Vhal Sodha is a documentary and a fine art photographer who uses photography as a tool of social commentary and an instrument of introspection.

Website: Instagram: @vhaljpeg

These photographs are part of the A Day in Life series.

Vhal says:

"A Day in Life is an inquiry on whether or not life exhibits any meaningfulness and significance, and if it doesn't then what is it? It attempts to capture in a single series, all the variegated conditions that could confer meaning in life. Here, meaning in life is understood as something that makes life worth continuing, something that would give me a reason to wake up every morning and get out of my bed. I believe that life may or may not be meaningless, but it doesn't have to be absurd, futile, and not worth living. I do not wish to provide any sort of finality to my answers, and I embrace the incomplete nature that they possess. The series of photographs are my discoveries on my journey upwards. "

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