The Purposeful Mayonnaise

June 25: Jenya Stashkov (illustration), Amy Jasek (poetry), Paul Suciu (photography)




Jenya Stashkov

"I'm Jenya Stashkov, 28 years old, Russian Federation.
Illustrator, artist, poet, performer, the founder of the performance troupe VIBRATING BODY, the organizer of the «Neem» Independent International Award for Improper Dramaturgy.
I have publications in magazines in Canada, Japan and Pakistan. I have illustrated a book of poetry in the UK."
Instagram: @jenya_stashkov


I can still hear her voice
talking about them, blooming
like a bright gentle flower
from the bushes along the
greens and fairways,
sweet and slow as a
southern afternoon, spiced up
like the wine-soaked pork chops
and etouffee she loved to make

I can still feel her hands,
floral with lotion and soft
as butterfly wings, plus
almost as fragile,
navigating the click of
knitting needles and crochet hooks,
lap billowing with the
ever-increasing tide of blankets
that gushed from her
old-fashioned, polite generosity

I can still hear the porch
screen door slam
on its spring, and the earthy
pound of horses outside
in the paddock, while birds
crack seed and cicadas sing
us into another sultry
Louisiana night 

- by Amy Jasek

Amy Jasek

Texas born and raised, Amy Jasek graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a BA in Theatre and Dance in 1999.  She then spent a decade in other, colder places, ignoring her passion for writing, before settling back down in the Lone Star State and eventually picking up her pencil again.  She is also a dedicated, sometimes-professional, film photographer and cyanotype artist, and mother to one precocious teenage hopeful-author, science-minded daughter.

Website:  Instagram: @amyjasek

Waiting for Summer

Paul Suciu

"Born and raised in Bucharest, I began doing artistic photography about 4 years ago. I won an important prize in 2018, Romanian Photographer of the Year – Street Section, being judged by an international jury of peers. Since then, I have had several exhibitions in Romania and abroad. I try to capture the Poetry around us, especially from the urban areas, from the streets, and I consider myself a flâneur. Sometimes, I try to reinterpret the world, and I explore many of the process's possibilities. I experiment with long exposure, textures, multiple exposures, concepts etc."


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