The Purposeful Mayonnaise

June 18:  Film Photography Friday - Tuyet Truster, Zachari Winters

Elements of Nature (polaroid triptyque, 2020)

Cheerful (polaroid, 2021) 

En Attendant (polaroid, 2020)

Head in Tulips (polaroid, 2021)

Tuyet Truster

I am a French Vietnamese instant film photographer currently based in Jersey City, USA. My photographic journey started as a fun family activity; then it turned into a yearning: the thirst for the sound of the shutter button, of the picture rolling out and for the anticipation of the photo developing.

Instagram: @polinstanoid

Flamingo Float



Zachari Winters

My name is Zachari, and I am a photographer (primarily film). I shoot most of my photography on a 1980's point-and-shoot Olympus Infinity AF-1. 

I separated from the military one year ago today with the passion to pursue conservation. After my tenure in the military (8 years), I decided to work with the National Science Foundation in Antarctica, and I will start school this fall majoring in Fish, Wildfire, and Conservation Biology. I hope to return to Antarctica in the future as a Biologist and work internationally in conservation.

I'm currently living in San Marcos, Texas, and am working as a conservation technician to preserve our beautiful San Marcos River via the Edwards Aquifer Conservation Program. 

Instagram: @kodakzac

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