The Purposeful Mayonnaise

June 10, 2022:  Siham El kandoussi (painting)

Irony, acrylic on canvas

Siham El kandoussi is a self-taught abstract painter and amateur photographer. She is born and raised in Morocco in 1980, and living in Kuwait since 2008. Siham is inspired by the avant-garde abstract expressionist artists, the enriched and omnifarious culture of her homeland and the different cultures and colors of the cities that she dwells her soul in.

Since 2019, she is experiencing and exploring multiple kinds of mediums and techniques, mainly acrylic painting and mixed media on canvas and papers, to unleash the beauty within the human soul.

Window to My World: acrylic on canvas

Siham says: 

"I am a simple soul living in a paradoxical world who craves sharing love and joy.

I don't think and I have no fear, I am just flooded with myriads of desires and dreams. It doesn't matter how the paint is put on or which materials I will use, I start moving around my whiteboard to create paintings that allow whoever sees it to feel what I feel.
I don't think, I just express what I feel. "

Website:   Instagram: @sihamsartcreations

Minnehaha, acrylic on paper

K82, acrylic on canvas

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