The Purposeful Mayonnaise

July 2: Tina Rawson (painting), Njabulo Nkambule (poetry), Nick Ivins (painting)

Plum Island Marsh

House on the Hill

Bar Harbor

Tina Rawson

"Tina Rawson is a trained painter and art educator with a love of color, movement, the smell of oil and the sea. It's a pleasure to make beautiful work based on nature, portraits of people, and fun moments that make us smile. Based in Newburyport, MA, Tina goes to Sweden bi-annually to see her family there and hopes to travel the world.

My work is currently up at The Coffee Factory Newburyport until 7/30."

Website:  Instagram:  Facebook: @tinarawsonart

 Njabulo Nkambule

My name is Njabulo Nkambule from Eswatini (Swaziland) and I'm a poet. I write poems that people find easy to read and relate to. I've been featured on Magazines in the UK, USA, blogs and local newspapers. 

Link to all my social media platforms:

'Does My Boat Look BIG in This?' (2021 | Oil, oil stick, and graphite on panel with timber and taps |  203 cm x 77 cm)

Nick Ivins

"As if the bastard grandson of Alfred Wallis careened from a dockside bar, and drunk on colour, set sail in a stolen super yacht around his own leaking bathtub.

Right now I'm making big splashy colourful paintings on panoramic, door-sized, plywood panels featuring trophy fish the size of kayaks, cocky show off fuck boats, nostalgic three-masted square riggers crewed by pantomime pirates, and aspirational super yachts that are never quite big enough. Sometimes they sink. 

Born Kent, lives and works Lyme Regis, Dorset, England. Studied Canterbury College of Art, ex-tractor driver, photographer, one off actor, Cornish pilot gig crew."

Web:  Instagram: @nick.ivins

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