The Purposeful Mayonnaise

August 6, 2021: Maya Kachra (visual art), John L. Dutton II (poetry), Theofilus Syukur (painting)

Maya Kachra - Birth Until Now 

Maya Kachra

Maya Kachra is a student majoring in Contemporary Art at Etobicoke School of the Arts in Toronto, Ontario. Her work has been in multiple publications, as well as exhibited in places such as Arts Etobicoke and Us Gallery Contemporary. Maya currently works in sculpture, photography, and mixed media, with a focus on the process of art making. 

Birth Until Now – Artist Statement

This work captures my entire life from birth until now through the corrosion of copper and engravings. I corroded each square at specific intervals of time, correlated to the years of my life, to create a timeline of change and growing up. The words engraved in each square hold personal connections, but are also universal and can be connected to by individual viewers, showing the differences and commonalities between everyone’s lives.

Instagram: @mayakachra

Tick, Tock.

My classroom clock,
Stuck to the wall,
Staring at me –
Spinning endlessly,
Tick, Tock,
Tick, Tock.

Time is eternal
And will live
Well past my days
On this earth.
My classroom clock
Just wishes
It could move
To swat the fly
Crawling over its face.

My classroom clock
Knows I’m the
Only one
In this classroom
That has any use for him.
Our students have
No idea
How to tell time
It is by a digital number.

John L. Dutton II

John L. Dutton II has over twenty years of teaching experience ranging from elementary school to high school. Since 2013, John has actively been involved with two writing groups, Write by the Rails (WbtR) and the Prince William Poet Laureate Circle. He is a life member of the Virginia Writers' Club and the Poetry Society of Virginia. In January 2015, he created Spilled Ink, an open-mic night that meets on the fourth Friday of every month to celebrate the written word. 


Theofilus (Theo) Syukur

Painting has been a part of my life since elementary school. I graduated with a diploma in Informatics Engineering in Jakarta. Even though I didn't study arts in school, I kept working on my own. I joined the Indonesian Sketchers community.Now I live in the city of Ruteng, Flores Island, eastern Indonesia. 

In my paintings I try to combine ethnic elements from Manggarai Flores culture and nature.

Instagram: @theo.syukur21

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