The Purposeful Mayonnaise

August 27, 2021: Charlotte Sear (painting), Jennifer S. Lange (illustration), Maricarmen Smith (painting)

Charlotte Sear

Charlotte Sear is a British-French painter artist based in the UK.

Charlotte's artwork is a tribute to art nouveau and fashion, which she encountered whilst working within fine craft and as a set designer in Paris, she is able to translate these experiences into her own works. The artist's latest series "Flowerbeds in my head" is a constant investigation of her own personal experiences.


Instagram: @charlotte_sear

Jennifer S. Lange

Jennifer S. Lange is a self-taught artist working mostly in the games industry with a spoonful of book covers, and prefers the fantasy/scifi genres - because we know what the so-called real world is like already, so why not expand? Besides painting, she loves creating worlds by writing tiny snippets of stories for her personal works.

Love of learning is her strongest drive in life, and in her personal work she experiments new ways of creating art, changing medium, subject, and goals frequently.
She lives in Germany with her partner, and three cats of which only one isn't black.

Instagram: @ranarh.draws

Maricarmen Smith

Maricarmen is an Intuitive happy artist, mum, shamanic healer and happy soul.

As a result of deep inner work, shamanic healing and plant medicines I started channeling symbols and colours to manifest the love and joy that surround each of us. My journey is continuous evolving since then like my art. I believe we are all creative beings but we have forgotten so much due to this demanding society we live in. I work with my intuition, I choose colours, marks, shapes, patterns, symbols, geometry that appeal to me during deep states of meditation and grounding, my art comes from my soul. 


Instagram: @maricarmensmithcolorhappyart

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