The Purposeful Mayonnaise

April 1, 2022: Bella Kimmel (visual art), Shreya Suresh (poetry)

 Bella Kimmel

My name is Bella Kimmel. I am a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design. As an interdisciplinary artist working in painting and print making memory is a driving force that dictates the medium and format of my work. The work I create escapes the structures we assemble in our lives, returning to the simple, elemental, and enduring pleasures. 

Website:   Instagram: @bellkimart


I painted my face in
red, white, and blue
on a cold winter's night
over my tingling brown skin.

The colors bled through
my porous skin,
mixed with blood,
until the colors inside
were unrecognizable.

I tried painting my face again
on a hot summer's day
with saffron, white, and green
old colors I wore as a child.

Paint seeps in
but my blood is saturated.

Through my skin leaks
the excess
into a pool of colors,
sweat and tears
wash it all away
until my skin reveals
what is left
a muddy reflection
of the grey puddle
I stand upon. 

Shreya Suresh

Shreya works in market research, currently based out of the Big Apple. She grew up in Bangalore, India in a melting pot of cultures and globalisation that confused, corrupted and created her thoughts and ideals. Her interests are as varied as her taste in music. You'll see her analysing post-colonial theories one moment and watching a K-Drama the next.

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