The Purposeful Mayonnaise

May 20, 2020:  Dominick Rivers (analog photography)

 Dominick Rivers is an M.F.A. candidate and Associate Instructor in the Digital Art program at Indiana University. By integrating technically outdated forms, he uses video work and alternative photographic processes, framed by larger installations, to examine the popular media used to capture and sentimentalize memory. Dominick is a multi-instrumentalist who writes, records, and produces all of the soundscapes and musical accompaniments to his work.  

Website:  Twitter: @floralcow   Instagram: @floralcowstudios   

"Baby's Big Day Out" (Baby is my cat's name) - on Super 8 film. [Music by Dominick Riverscover of a Daniel Johnston song]

The technique used employs the mordançage process, an alternative way to process film photography, but rarely is it ever used on motion picture film. Mordançage uses copper chloride to strain the emulsion resulting in these fascinating reticulations. However, copper chloride is a volatile chemical, so I found a more eco-friendly way of doing this with soda ash and Morton salt, so I call it Mortonçage.

"Baby's Big Day Out" Still No. 1

"Baby's Big Day Out" Still No. 2

"Baby's Big Day Out" Still No. 5

"Baby's Big Day Out" Still No. 4

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