The Purposeful Mayonnaise

March 24, 2023: Kseniia Gerasimenko (visual art) and Giancarlo Melgar (visual art)

Kseniia Gerasimenko - Winter Drowsiness

Kseniia Gerasimenko

"I try to capture the quintessence of life with my art. With every artwork, I want to remind my viewers and myself of the depth of the world and us, and of the preciousness of good old here-and-now feeling."

Kseniia Gerasimenko - September

Giancarlo Melgar - Alone in the Dark

Giancarlo Melgar (Peru)

is a Peruvian visual artist born in the city of Arequipa and currently living in Lima. He has a Bachelor's in Painting from the School of Fine Arts of Lima and is a Graphic Design Technician. With experience in cultural mediation and with great interest in developing experiences related to cultural management, from self-managed or institutional spaces, he works as an illustrator and designer for different editorial projects and music bands.

His personal artistic proposals are divided into two work methodologies. One is multidisciplinary proposals, focused on the development of projects with media such as installation, photography, video art, and other means of contemporary creation that allow the interaction of the public and the intervention of the exhibition space. The other line of work is related to the visual arts, the development of projects focused on experimentation with traditional and non-conventional materials to explore their different semantic possibilities. In this category, experimental drawing works have been the main line of exploration in recent years.

Along with his career as a visual artist, since 2006, he also worked on various musical projects, playing live at different events, and producing and editing material that has been reviewed by fanzines and specialized websites nationally and internationally.

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Giancarlo Melgar - Closer

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