The Purposeful Mayonnaise

December 3, 2021: Gale Rothstein (assemblage sculpture), Anna Wiesinger (painting)

A Facsimile of What We Imagined

Gale Rothstein

Gale Rothstein's art practice has always been about putting together the pieces. Currently, Rothstein makes assemblage sculptures in which assembled boxes and environments (Inter-Exteriors) emerge from a strong narrative and historical framework. 

Referenced through reuse, the work is informed by her former career as a jewelry designer and life-long pursuit of collecting antiques, collectibles, found objects, harvested broken appliances, and other used items. Re-contextualized and paired in contrasting and surreal environments, these destinations prompt the viewer to ask, "Where are we? Who is here with us? How big or small are we? Are we awake or dreaming?" These questions continually challenge them to reevaluate one's sense of time, place, and orientation.


Instagram: @galerothsteindesigns

The Spiteful Garden

The Duplicitous Gate

COVID Quartet.

Anna Wiesinger

I was born in Austria. Since finishing my Studies at the University of Art in Linz, I have been based in Berlin and Lower Saxony, Germany. During all my productive painting career, I have participated in many exhibitions and projects in Germany and Europe. I have also won competitions and prizes.

Artist Statement

I am inspired by the known outside world (landscapes, characters, films, colours) in order to transform it into an inner world.
I think this holds a good opportunity to establish a new connection between the outside and the inside, in ourselves, and also in relation to our interactions with others.
I use colours as a vehicle for emotions; shapes as intermediaries between the worlds in order to establish a connection between both sides of our being.

And although these are "my personal" inner worlds that I express, I think they are relatable and the viewer can identify with them.
My belief is: to be in contact with this inner wealth represents a huge source of energy, awareness and joie de vivre.
Here we are closely connected with each other, here we exist in a timeless, fantastic space. 

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